How to Use Big Data for Better Compensation Benchmarking

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Guest Presenter: Cary Sparrow, CEO - Greenwich.HR

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Cary Sparrow
CEO - Greenwich.HR
Brian Sharp
Chief Marketing Officer - HRsoft


Cary Sparrow is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Greenwich.HR. Prior to starting Greenwich.HR, Cary served in IT & HR leadership roles at Cargill, the largest private corporation with over 150 thousand employees in 65 countries.

Brian is an award-winning speaker and frequent presenter on the topic of HR technology and strategy.  He is also the creator and host of the popular TalentTakeaways webinar & podcast series.

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The number of choices for benchmarking pay data and pricing jobs is growing fast. Compensation professionals are faced with a dizzying array of benchmarking surveys, online databases, economists’ services, government statistics, and proprietary reports from recruiters, staffing companies, consultants, and even the media.  There are a number of exciting possibilities for using more powerful market intelligence, but the choices are confusing and it is challenging to determine what source to trust. 


In this recorded webinar,  Greenwich.HR CEO Cary Sparrow shares how to take advantage of new data capabilities so your compensation team can create even more strategic value. Cary discusses how compensation professionals are evolving to become the experts of talent economics and shares practical examples of how you can adjust your compensation practices to reduce the time you spend on administration. In this webinar you will learn:




How to use big data to save time on your salary & comp planning process

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