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Developing an Authentic Total Rewards Philosophy to Motivate Your Workforce 

Developing a total rewards philosophy can seem daunting. Your philosophy is a critical tool in attracting, retaining and motivating the talent your organization needs to reach its goals. It should align your organization’s mission, values, and objectives to employee rewards. Practically, your philosophy acts as the foundation for all your organization’s total rewards strategies and practices. Furthermore, an effective total rewards philosophy must be relevant and clearly communicated to motivate your workforce. With so many essential qualities to consider, where should your organization begin?

Creating and communicating a total rewards philosophy to engage your employees and guide your company’s rewards practices shouldn’t involve guesswork. As an experienced Total Rewards Solution Provider, Kathleen Jinkerson will guide you through the development, application, and communication of a compelling and authentic total rewards philosophy.

For many HR professionals, the challenge of crafting an authentic total rewards philosophy lies in first, making the case for a philosophy, and then, engaging leaders and other critical change agents in the development and communication of the newly refined philosophy.

Armed with practical takeaways from this exclusive guide, you’ll be able to create a foundation for rewarding better performance and supporting the overarching mission of your organization in a way that resonates with your company culture.

Key Takeaways Include:
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  • An up-to-date look into modern and relevant perspectives on total rewards

  • Key principles for validating your philosophy both internally and externally

  • Critical tips for linking the philosophy to tangible total rewards practices

  • Effective strategies for developing and communicating your formal statement

  • Guiding principles for ensuring transparency, equitability, and competitiveness

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