The Gender Pay Gap: Facts, Fallacies, and Forward-Thinking Comp Strategies

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Steve Treder

Senior VP I Strategic Development for Western Management Group


Steve Treder is Senior Vice President for Strategic Development for Western Management Group. Prior to joining WMG in 2000, Steve was the Worldwide Sales Compensation Manager for Hewlett-Packard, and held senior Compensation and Human Resources positions in the high technology industry for nearly twenty years. His particular expertise is in market data analysis and incentive compensation plan design. Steve holds a Master’s Degree from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Santa Clara University, both in the field of Sociology. When he grows up, Steve wants to play center field for the San Francisco Giants.

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There is a long-held understanding that a “gender pay gap” exists in the U.S. We’ve all seen the frequently cited statistic: the average woman’s salary is 75-80% of that of the average man’s. Each year, April 10th marks “Equal Pay Day,” because as day 100 of the year – 27% of 365 – it represents the portion of the year that women work for free while men are being paid. Yet, is this common understanding based on valid and accurate data? How can (and should) we objectively measure and assess this phenomenon?

Join us for this exclusive webinar as Steve Treder, Senior Vice President of Western Management Group, proposes solutions for the ongoing challenge of applying robust and effective quantitative metrics to the gender pay gap. Steve will provide a grounding history within the perspective of the larger cultural landscape of women’s rights and gender discrimination before bringing us up to the minute with developments in gender pay data that are currently underway. The presentation will balance its focus between the issue’s “soft” cultural/social/political factors and the “hard” statistical, methodological challenges it presents.

During this session you will learn:

  • A definitional understanding of the gender pay gap and the many quantitative challenges and controversies involved

  • A contextual understanding of the historical, political, and cultural forces at play

  • An appreciation for the practical value of new sources of valid, timely, and regularly updated compensation market data

  • An assessment of the degree to which new HR/Compensation strategies and approaches might be appropriate in the years to come
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Executive VP, Strategy & Development | Compdata Surverys & Consulting


Watch this On Demand Webinar for Free!

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