Overcoming Workforce Challenges With Strategic Compensation Initiatives 

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Theresa Worman
Executive VP Strategy & Development|
Compdata Surveys & Development

Theresa is a recognized compensation expert with more than twenty years in the industry.  She oversees business development and works to bring Compdata’s consulting and survey solutions to the organizations needing them. 

Throughout her career, Theresa has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of Compdata’s product offerings and consulting services.  Theresa often lends her expertise to audiences at seminars and webinars for ASHHRA, WorldatWork and state hospital associations. She also shares her knowledge with journalists from media outlets across the country, and has been published in WorldatWork’s Workspan magazine on multiple occasions, most recently the May 2017 issue.

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Workforce volatility can profoundly impact productivity for individuals, departments or across entire organizations. From competitive job markets to rising employee turnover, there’s a common way employers of any size, in any industry, can overcome these workforces challenges – strategic compensation.

In this webinar, industry expert Theresa Worman (EVP at Compdata Surveys & Consulting) shares how leading organizations are successfully tackling one of the most difficult recruitment and retention climates in recent history using a powerful combination of compensation data and planning. Theresa will share current market data trends and innovative compensation initiatives some employers are implementing to recruit and retain top performers.

What you will learn at this session:

  • How to Achieve Successful Recruiting with Market Competitive Rates
  • How to Improve Retention Rates through Transparency

  • How to Prevent Turnover with Fair & Equitable Pay Practices
Theresa Worman
Executive VP Strategy & Development|
Compdata Surveys & Development
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