Paying People Right: 
How to Attract & Retain Employees on a Budget

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Andy Rosen
Principal | Andrew Rosen Consulting


Andy is a highly experienced management consultant, consulting firm executive, and board member, with over 40 years’ business experience. Andy is principal with Andrew Rosen Consulting, a compensation/reward consulting firm and is a member of the advisory board of Plus3 Network, a unique company that encourages employees to get more active and healthy by directly linking their activities to charitable contributions. He is a frequent speaker and author of numerous articles and book chapters and is a member of WorldatWork, PEBA, Philadelphia Society for People & Strategy, and Beacon. Andy earned an M.B.A. degree in Finance from the Wharton School.

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Deb Grigson
Founding Partner| eConsultingNetwork

Deb Grigson is a founding partner at eConsultingNetwork, a compensation consulting and technology firm founded in 2005. She is co-developer of JobBlox,TM a simple yet powerful web-based job content/job description management solution. Prior to establishing eConsultingNetwork, Deb was an Assistant Vice President at Aon Consulting, providing compensation and related technology consulting to a wide range of organizations. Deb is a Board member and Personnel Committee Chair at Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. She is program committee Vice Chair at PEBA, a member of SHRM, and a frequent presenter and seminar leader. Deb earned a Master’s in Education, Psychology/Education from Bucknell University.

When you pay your employees right, you remove barriers to organizational success by attracting and retaining the best talent for your organization. The challenge is that most organizations are faced with a volatile regulatory environment, decreasing salary budgets, increasing turnover, ineffective performance-based pay programs and a challenging labor market.

In this webinar, compensation experts Andy Rosen (Andrew Rosen Consulting) and Deb Grigson (eConsultingNetwork) share effective strategies for paying your people right with consistent, simple, integrated, and transparent processes supported by appropriate competitiveness along with fair and equitable pay structures and delivery methods.

What you will learn at this session:

  • How to structure and deliver pay effectively even in low-budget situations 

  • How to use pay as a means of attraction and retention 

  • How to incorporate pay into a holistic employment value proposition 

  • How to ensure the linkage between pay and performance does not give mixed messages 

  • What you need to know about current regulations related to pay and how to use them to your advantage
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